4 Unexpected Ways to Use Spice Rub

Sure most spice rubs are designed with meat in mind - but we've rounded up some unique ideas for getting more mileage out of those rubs!  We're currently crushing on all of the new Stuart & Co. rubs we are carrying in The Savory Pantry.  With Labor Day weekend on the horizon, what better time to grab a rub and get to experimenting! Got any other ideas for how to use these spices?  Leave them in the comments below!

Use rubs as a seasoning on roasted potatoes.  Baked beans get an extra kick when infused with spicy rubs.  Substituting traditional seasoning in a coleslaw not only tastes great, but saves time.  For extra smoke or heat in a salad dressing, add spices to a premium Olive Oil of your choice and shake!

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