Free Printable : Kentucky Derby Fun Facts

Perfect for displaying at your Kentucky Derby Party and full of fun facts about the race, this free printable is sure to be a conversation starter.  We've sized it at 8x10" for easy framing.  Print and enjoy!  DOWNLOAD FREE PRINTABLE PDF HERE >

Kentucky Derby FREE Printable
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Crafty Entertaining: Free Leaf Place Cards Printable

Add a level of sophisticated whimsy to your Easter brunch, with leaf place cards. The cards can be used for assigned seating or labeling each dish on the buffet table. Using seasonal fruits as a stand, you can repurpose this idea throughout the year for different occasions!  


  1. Print out the free PDF leaf template on green cardstock.
  2. Cut out individual leaves on dotted lines.
  3. Laminate each leaf between 2 pieces of wide packing tape, or clear contact paper. This will keep the paper from becoming stained by the juice of the lemons.
  4. After laminating, cut around leaves removing excess tape or contact paper.
  5. Write each name using a Sharpie.  If you mess up, don't worry!  I found that a quick swipe of a lysol wipe takes the Sharpie right off.
  6.  Cut a small slit across the top of each lemon and insert the leaf place cards inside.
  7.  Cut a small sliver off the bottom of each lemon, to be sure they stand upright.
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