Ghosts and Goblins are Brewing and Chewing at The Savory Pantry!

A splendid Owl's Brew, a spooky six-eyed caprese monster, and a nutty caramel fudge apple platter are being served up this Halloween in The Savory Pantry! If you're inspired by the purple kale that is so easy to find this time of year, just walk around the farmers market or  through the grocery store and you'll be surprised by the number of rich colors available to accent your Halloween table like the Italian radishes and black grapes pictured here.  

Owl's Brew makes craft cocktails easy for a crowd with 32 ounces of all natural, freshly brewed whole leaf teas with whole spices, fruits and herbs, adding a touch of agave for sweetness. The result is a ready-to-pour artisanal cocktail mixer just waiting to be kissed by a spirit. Choose "The Classic" (English Breakfast tea, lemon, and lime) or "Pink and Black" (darjeeling, hibiscus, lemon peel, strawberry) as I did here for it's glorious color. Mix 2 parts brew with 1 part booze and serve individually over ice, or stir in your cauldron and allow guests to serve themselves with a ladle.  Freeze black or purple grapes to keep your brew chilly without ice melting and diluting it. While you imbibe, rest easy knowing you'll be benefiting from this tea's antioxidants and vitamins!

Owl's Brew Pink and Black Halloween Punch

Next up is a caprese monster that can have as many eyes as you have guests! Go to the creepiest reaches of your imagination to make a monster all your own. Here, I used Italian lettuce from a local market for his ears and a spiderweb place mat I had from the previous year. This is a great way to use that end-of-season basil from your garden. For the eyeballs, I used Davina Citrus Olives,  but you can choose from our many flavors of Divina Haldiki Olives (including those stuffed with citrus, jalapeno, garlic, blue cheese, or feta cheese). 

6-Eyed Caprese Monster

  • Fresh Basil Leaves
  • Divina Halkidiki Olives (here, I used citrus)
  • Kalamata or Black Olives
  • Campari or Small Slicing Tomatoes
  • Fresh Mozzarella Balls ("Cherry Tomato" Size)


Place whole basil leaf flat. Top with thin slice of tomato and half of a mozzarella ball, flat side down. Atop mozzarella, center the end of one Divina Halkidiki Olive. Cut tiny segment of Kalamata or Black Olive and place in center of Halkidiki slice. Repeat, arrange as you like, and do the Monster Mash! 

To please your sweet teeth, enjoy this easy deconstructed caramel apple . . . our Nutty Caramel Fudge Apple Platter, featuring Lambrecht Gourmet's Sweet & Spicy Glazed Pecans, Fat Toad Farm's Farmstead Goat's Milk Cinnamon Caramel, and Beekman 1802 Goat's Milk Fudge Sauce.  This sumptuous combination brings together spicy and sweet for a dessert platter bursting with flavor.



Slice apples and arrange in a circular pattern. Place handful of pecans on cutting board and break into smaller pieces with mallet (or whatever's handy! Here, I used a vintage shark bar tool). Top apples with nuts and mallow bits, placing a handful of nuts at the center of the platter. Heat small bowls of fudge and caramel for about 10 seconds each. Stir. Using a spoon, drizzle in desired pattern over apples, nuts, and mallow bits. Presto chango; your apples are magically transformed! Enjoy sampling different types of Fat Toad Caramels such as Salted Bourbon, Dark Chocolate, or Classic Goat's Milk, as well as other types of Beekman 1802 Fudge Sauce (like orange zest).

Happy Halloween from all of us at The Savory Pantry!

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