Coming to a Pantry Near You: Made in New York

Shopping the Fancy Food Show, we found so many great products that will soon be stocked in our pantry...many of them from the great state of New York!  The Brooklyn foodie scene is bustling as made evident by Brooklyn Eats, a fancy-food style trade show, which we also visited while in New York.  Some of these products are brand new and others are new to our pantry, but we know you will enjoy them all!

Coming to a Pantry Near You: Made in New York |

Chocolat Moderne blew us away at the show.  After a full day of tasting chocolates, this brand was a stand out.  Look out for assorted gift boxes in our Saratoga Store.

City of Daughters Rosehip Grenadine is already a staple in our Hot Springs store and online, handcrafted from the restauranteurs of Elsa in New York City's East Village.

Mast Brothers Chocolate paved the way for small batch chocolate makers.  We visited their flagship last summer ( a must see in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) and can't wait to showcase their unique chocolate bars and iconic packaging.

Owl's Brew tea infused cocktail mixers have been so popular in our Hot Springs Pantry, we can hardly keep them stocked!  Available online and soon in Saratoga Springs.

Sir Kensington exemplifies the staying power of the "fancier condiment" category.  From their headquarters in NYC's Meatpacking District, they are slowly but surely dominating fancy ketchup and mayo!

Stuart & Co "Provisions for the Urban Grill Master" will soon be in our stores and online.  Aside from the fabulous flavors, we were seduced by the Weck jar packaging and like that, we were sold!  Also, proudly made in Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Brine Co Whiskey Sour Pickles will soon be gracing our shelves.  We are thrilled to expand our pickle selection, and also feature the spirit-infused food trend in our stores.

We discovered La Fundidora Salsa last year on a food-finding mission in North Brooklyn.  They may be made in New York, but you'll feel like you're south-of-the-border with each and every bite!

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