Food in the News: The Sofi Award Winners

Can you spot the Savory Pantry products in the 2014 Sofi Winner's lineup?

  • Olive & Sinclair Bourbon Nib Brittle has been a favorite of ours and we were so thrilled to see them accept the award for "Outstanding Confection".  It was a pleasure meeting Scott at the food show!
  • We love each and every flavor of Lillie's Q sauces, but Hot Smoky took the prize yesterday for "Outstanding Cooking Sauce or Flavor Enhancer".
  • Fran's Gray Salt Caramel Chocolate was recognized as an "Outstanding Classic" and will soon be arriving in our new Saratoga Springs store!

Congrats to all of the winners - we had a blast scouting new products and meeting the people who bring these products to market!

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