Turn this Cookbook into a Gift: The Newlywed Cookbook

The Newlywed Cookbook is a must have for any couple - newlywed or not-so-newlywed! "More than a collection of recipes, The Newlywed Cookbook is also a guide to domestic bliss".  With over 130 recipes for everyday meals, as well as entertaining menus, this book is sure to get both the bride and groom excited to collaborate in the kitchen.

While the book itself makes a great wedding, engagement or anniversary gift, we've compiled cookbook accompaniments for various levels of cooking interest and expertise. The Newlywed Cookbook is sure to inspire your culinary gifting!



Gifts for the Beginner Baker | The Newlywed Cookbook | SavoryPantryBlog.com


Gifts for the Apsiring Foodie | The Newlywed Cookbook | SavoryPantryBlog.com

1. Sour Cherry Mustard from American Spoon Foods  2. The Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland  3. Fennel Salt by Casina Rossa  4. Grove 45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil  5. Turkish Bay Leaves by India Tree  6. Bee Raw Florida Orange Blossom Honey


Gifts for the Expert Chef | The Newlywed Cookbook | SavoryPantryBlog.com

1. Kitchen Knives from Chelsea Miller  2. Truffle & Salt by Casina Rossa  3. Girolle Cheese Scraper  4. The Newlywed Cookbook by Sarah Copeland  5. Herb Keeper

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Make This Recipe Into a Gift : Salty Caramel Pie

A home baked pie makes a great gift on it's own.  For friends and family who love spending time in the kitchen, give a cookbook, some choice ingredients, and a decorative pie plate! We've collected ingredients from the Salty Caramel Pie as well as some essential baking accessories from our favorite stores.  

Whether you give the First Prize Pies book alone, or gather up all that is needed to make one of the 85 recipes inside, the recipient will surely enjoy the love and care that went into creating this beautiful book.

1. Nielsen-Massey Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla  2. Measuring Spoon Set  3. 10" Red Whisk  4. Jadeite Mixing Bowl  5. M. Gilles Hervy Fleur de Sel  6. Poppy Ring Pie Pan  7. First Prize Pies Cookbook by Allison Kave

Salty Caramel Pie from First Prize Pies | SavoryPantryBlog.com
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Turn this Dessert Recipe Into a Gift

Earlier this week, we shared a show stopping recipe for Extra Virgin Chocolate Sorbet that is sure to be memorable.  What better way to share recipes you love than by transforming them into gifts.  Whether you grab the basic ingredients or go "all out" with a new ice cream scooper and serving bowls, anyone with an affinity for savory and sweet desserts will surely appreciate this gesture of giving.

Make this Recipe Into a Gift | Extra Virgin Chocolate Sorbet | SavoryPantryBlog.com | #Gifts
Make this Recipe Into a Gift | Extra Virgin Chocolate Sorbet | SavoryPantryBlog.com | #Gifts
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Turn this Cocktail Recipe into a Gift

Take gift-giving from predictable to unexpected, when you give a cocktail kit!  Throw a few of the basic ingredients into a cocktail shaker, or fill a basket with everything needed to make The Gnat's Whistle recipe we shared last week.  Great for a hostess gift, wedding gift, or just for anyone who likes a good drink!

1.  Cocktail Strainer  2. Fresh Lemons  3. India Tree Superfine Caster Sugar  4. Cocktail Shaker  5. Rocks Glass  6. Bathtub Gin Jim Limoncello Strawberry Jam  7. Fresh Strawberries  8. Your favorite Scotch Whisky  9. Basket or container

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